Hot Shots Classes

Hot Shots Tennis is a fun way for children between the ages of 3 - 10+ to Play and Learn tennis. Each Stage provides the right equipment and court size to play tennis at their ability and interest.

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Age 3 -5+

  • Exploring the building blocks of movement.
  • Fun, imagination, creativity, play-based.
  • Values: Listening, cooperation, communication.

Age 5 - 8+

  • Introducing and developing tennis specific skills, basic strategies and rally.
  • Fun, friends, game-based.
  • Values: Fair play, persistence, working well with others.

Age 8 - 10+

  • Progressing and extending tennis specific skills, strategies and match play.
  • Fun, friends, game-based.
  • Values: Resilience, respectful relationship.

Age 10+

  • Extending and refining tennis specific skills and strategies, problem solving, analysing.
  • Fun, friends, game-based.
  • Values: Leadership, resilience, empathy, sensitivity.

Coaching philosophy

At Letour, our Learn Play Compete coaching philosophy embraces the uniqueness of each player, believing everyone has the potential to achieve their personal best. Our coaching environment is designed to be positive and supportive, yet challenging, allowing players to embrace risks, learn from mistakes, and grow.

We emphasise a holistic training approach, covering technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects, to develop well-rounded athletes. Tailoring our coaching to each individual's strengths and needs, we prioritise fun, hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship. Our ultimate goal is to instill a lifelong passion for tennis in a safe and enjoyable setting.

  • ★★★★★
    We have seen the growth, development and the confidence our son Jason since being coached by the Letour team. This is very clear by his attitude on the court. The coaches encourage kids to be the best they can be, show sportsmanship and most importantly enjoy playing tennis.
  • Charlie