Private & Semi Private Lessons

Letour Tennis Private and Semi-Private Lessons are an excellent option for players looking to complement their group training with personalised instruction. These lessons are one-on-one or one-on-two with a coach, and are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the player.

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  • Private Lessons

    Private lessons provide players with the opportunity to receive individualised instruction and feedback on all aspects of their game, including technical, tactical, physical, and mental skills. Coaches work closely with the player to identify strengths and areas for improvement, and will design a training program that is tailored to the player's individual needs.

  • Semi-Private Lessons

    Semi-private lessons are similar to private lessons, but they are shared between two players of similar skill level. This can be a great option for players who want to train with a friend or family member, and it is also a cost-effective way to receive individualised feedback.


At Letour, our Learn Play Compete coaching philosophy embraces the uniqueness of each player, believing everyone has the potential to achieve their personal best. Our coaching environment is designed to be positive and supportive, yet challenging, allowing players to embrace risks, learn from mistakes, and grow.

We emphasise a holistic training approach, covering technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects, to develop well-rounded athletes. Tailoring our coaching to each individual's strengths and needs, we prioritise fun, hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship. Our ultimate goal is to instill a lifelong passion for tennis in a safe and enjoyable setting.

  • ★★★★★
    My son Jason, age 12 years attends tennis coaching at Letour coached privately by director Greg Jones. Greg is extremely professional, knowledgeable and passionate in the manner which he goes about coaching. It is wonderful to see Greg sharing his success on the court, his talent, skills and expertise in the game of tennis with the children.
  • Charlie